Sports Stories With Bik: Anything’s Possible

The second episode of Sports Stories With Bik features my guy Frizz Nilzon.

Frizz is a talented musician who supports Liverpool and the Boston Celtics. We sat down to talk about sports, music, and life.

Frizz Nilzon

Frizz’s sound can be described as New York trap mixed with rock n roll. The name of his 2019 album Amuro Spray stems from his favorite anime, which he explains below.

My personal favorite track from Amuro Spray is Neymar Jr featuring Will Garcia. Frizz name drops sports legends like LeBron and Zidane, while Will’s lightning quick bars will have you catching something new after every listen.

Brooklyn x Harlem

Next, Frizz dives into the state of his favorite teams Liverpool and the Boston Celtics. Even though both teams are currently in a ‘funk’, Frizz says the terrible form gives him great songwriting material.

The C’s and the Reds are (currently) down bad

With Amuro Spray II in the works, Frizz gives us a tour of his studio, the place where his magic happens. He also gives us his top four picks from this rollercoaster Premier League season.

Studio Session

Music, sports, anime, and life tips all rolled into one episode.

Listen to the full interview below, and make sure to add Frizz to your Spotify playlist.

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"I eat, sleep, and breathe football. I'm not mad, I'm just passionate" — Thierry Henry

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